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Some FAQs about Giant Schnauzer​

$3,500 – $4,500

The price of the Giant Schnauzer puppy will range between $3,500 to $4,500, depending on several factors: Lineage of parents and reputation of the breeder.

The Giant Schnauzer is good-natured but can be quite dominant. Typically friendly toward other dogs, Giant Schnauzers love to be around their families and children, making them ideal family pets. Giant Schnauzers are very loyal, devoted, and protective of their people—good traits for a guard dog.

They can be aggressive toward people, dogs, and other animals they don’t know. They are naturally suspicious of strangers and need to become accustomed to experiencing new people and situations. Giant Schnauzers are companion dogs and should live indoors.

Giant Schnauzer Bite Strength

Interesting Fact: The Giant Schnauzer has a bite strength of 556 PSI (pounds per square inch). That’s the 4th strongest bite of all dog breeds!

Since a Giant Schnauzer can live to be 10 to 12 years old, even an adult dog will be with your family for a long time. Puppy or adult, take your Giant Schnauzer to your veterinarian soon after adoption.

Giant Schnauzers are loyal and courageous guard dogs.

Because they learn easily, though, you can train Giant Schnauzers to differentiate between welcome visitors and everyone else.

This breed is known for being an outstanding companion who’s completely devoted to their family members. They’re not necessarily “one person dogs,” instead they appreciate all of the members of their “pack.” The Schnauzer is particularly good with children, as they’re extremely playful, yet tolerant.

Giant Schnauzers are also one of those breeds that do not carry a doggy odor, so they are a good fit for people who suffer from dog allergies and react to pet dander. They do need regular grooming to keep their distinctive double-coat in good condition, but they do shed very little by nature.

Because of their guard dog history, they can make excellent watchdogs for your home. Having an enthusiastic schnauzer around would brighten up anyone’s day. Between their playful personality and their need for snuggles, schnauzers make great family pets and the most handsome mustachioed pooches we ever did see.

The Giant Schnauzer is an extremely intelligent, large, energetic, strongly territorial dog whose life is oriented totally toward his owners. If he is the right dog for you, he is one of the most rewarding breeds to own, but, remember, this is also a demanding breed, and SHOULD NOT be casually added to a household.

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*Please Note: It is difficult to know which breeder is trustworthy when you are in another country. But fortunately there are reputable associations that can guarantee the quality of breeders who are members of their association. These can be mentioned as Japan Kennel Club – JKC, The Kennel Club of Japan – KC or Nihonken Hozonkai – 日保 and many other associations (JABC, JCC, ICC, CPRO, JCU, KCP, ACC, CCJ, KCC, NMSA, WCA, JMSA, ZCC). Dogs and Cats sold by breeders belonging to these associations are always accompanied by a pedigree certificate.

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Giant Schnauzer

Robust and powerfully built, the Giant Schnauzer from southern Germany was originally used for farm work and cattle-herding. By the 20th century the breed’s intelligence, trainability, and impressive appearance had been recognized as ideal qualities for a guard dog. This breed is now widely used by police and security forces, but an equable temperament also makes it suitable as a home watchdog and pet. Despite its size, the Giant Schnauzer is easily manageable if given plenty of exercise. Its dense, wiry, doublelayered coat needs regular maintenance, with daily grooming and an occasional trim.

The Breed History

This breed was derived from the Standard Schnauzer by crossing with the Great Dane, and also the Bouvier des Flandres. First breed records appeared in Southern Germany in the late 1800s. The AKC registered the breed in 1930.

Physical Characteristics

Height at Withers: male 25.5-27.5” (65-70 cm), female 23.5-25.5” (59.5-65 cm). 

Weight: 70-77 lb (32-35 kg). 

Coat: The weather resistant dense double coat consists of soft hair underneath, and a hard, wiry medium length overcoat. Salt and pepper or solid black are the standard colors. Salt and pepper is produced by a mixture of white/black banded hairs mixed with solid black and solid white hairs. A dark face mask is present on both colors. Needs to have the undercoat stripped twice per annum and the beard and moustache area may need to be cleaned after eating; classified in the moderate to high grooming needs category. Low shedding tendency is present if the coat is stripped.

Longevity: 10-12 years 

Points of Conformation: A larger version of the Standard Schnauzer type, this breed shares the same basic conformation points. Square conformation, with well muscled straight limbs, a significant brow and beard and wiry haircoat distinguish the Schnauzer type. The head is rectangular, a slight stop is evident, and they possess a flat and moderately wide skull. The large nose is black. Triangular ears are medium in length with fairly thick leathers, and carried high and close to the head. Ears may be cropped. Eyes are deep set and colored dark brown, medium in size and oval. The neck is moderate in length and muscling. Not throaty. The thorax is deep and ribs well sprung. Moderate abdomen tuck up is present. The back is short and straight; gradually lowering towards the rear quarters. Limbs are straight boned. The tail is carried high when active, and usually docked to be 1.5-3.0” (3.5-7.5 cm). Feet are compact and the toes well arched. Black nails and thick pads are standard. Dewclaws are usually removed from forelimbs; if present on hind limbs, they are removed. The gait is strong, straight, low, and has a spring to the stride.

Recognized Behavior Issues and Traits

Reported breed characteristics include: Good endurance, highly intelligent, high trainability, obedient, alert, reliable, loyal and playful. Good guard for home and family, courageous and territorial. Good in city or country settings. Has high exercise and mental stimulation needs, if not fulfilled, will lead to boredom. Early socialization and obedience training are recommended.

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