JP-Pets | We help you buy dog in Japan

We help you buy dogs in Japan

We help you transport your dog from Japan to your country

You are relocated and want to send your lovely pet to the new place?

We will help you to send your pet
to the wherever country you want.

It has never been easy like that.

FAQ about transport

Transport fees depend largely on the size, quantity and weight of your pets.

And it start from 80,000 JPY~/head.

Shipping time will depend on the destination country. Countries with strict regulations on importing live animals may take longer to clear entry procedures than others.

But normally transporting will take from 10 days to 2 weeks.


You do not need to prepare any documents. All formalities will be handled by us.

We can ship pets to most countries in Asia and are increasing the number of countries in the near future to serve more customers.
Except for those countries located in the political or war zone.

We have a pet hotel service so you don’t need to worry about leaving your pet behind. During the transportation procedure, your pet will be able to use the Pet Hotel service and be well taken care of by our specialists. We’ll also send regular photos and videos so you can stay up to date with your pet’s health.

Japan is known as a country that puts safety first. Pets will be transported by plane with short travel time. However transport by air is a mode of transportation that can cause some health problems for your pet. In the event of force majeure, if there any unexpected problem happen, we also have a Money Back and Guarantee Policy for customers. You can refer to here for more information.

That is the main service that we are providing. If you live outside of Japan and would like to buy a dog in Japan and bring it back to your home country, we can do that. To better understand that process, you can refer to this link.

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