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We help you buy dogs in Japan

Money Back Guarantee Policy

The ultimate aim of JP-Pets is to give you the happiness of having the pet you desire. Just like everything in life, nothing is 100% perfect. Therefore, to protect your interests and demonstrate our credibility, JP-Pets also has a Money Back Guarantee in the event of an unexpected incident.

  • Including congenital diseases in pets that the customer is not informed about before paying, the condition becomes severe and affects the pet’s life.
  • Shipping by air is a mode of transportation that can cause some health problems for your pet. In the event of force majeure, if the pet dies within 48 hours of arrival (including death on arrival) despite sufficient efforts to maintain the dog’s health, we also have a refund policy for customers.

In addition, for customers who own pets for the first time, we understand that taking care of and raising a pet will arise a lot of problems that you don’t know how to solve. In that case, we are proud that JP-Pets has a Guarantee Lifetime Consulting Support for our clients. The advice will come from Japanese pet experts with many years of experience.

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