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Some FAQs about Golden Retriever​

Golden Retriever is not a cheap breed, to own a Golden Retriever you need a minimum of 300,000 JPY or even up to 1,000,000 JPY.

Golden Retrievers are hugely popular with first-time owners, and it’s easy to see why. Gentle, playful and kind, the soft-natured personalities of Goldens make them safe and reliable companions. Intelligent, very eager to please and forgiving, Goldens are easy to train and wonderful with children and other pets.

Golden Retriever lifespan typically sits between 10 and 12 years, however until as recently as the 1970s these majestic dogs lived as long as 16 or 17 years.

Almost all Golden retrievers have separation anxiety, and they can’t stay away from their owners. It is advisable to let them sleep close to you.

Goldens make the best pillows. They’re unbelievably friendly and just want to spend quality time with their family members. It’s a good thing they love to cuddle.

Yes, Golden Retrievers make good guard dogs. Though they may require some training because they aren’t naturally aggressive, their loyal nature will ensure that you and your family are safe. 

Golden retrievers die of bone cancer, lymphoma and a cancer of the blood vessels more than any other breed in the country.

The Golden Retriever is one of the friendliest dog breeds which makes them a wonderful family dog. This breed is also very smart and strong, making them a very capable working dog. They are very well-rounded because they are hunting dogs, drug-sniffing dogs, therapy and guide dogs.

Golden Retrievers can be left alone for up to 4 hours maximum, depending on their socialization, training, background, previous experience, health, and age. Puppies should not be left home alone for longer than one hour for each month of age, which should never exceed the maximum of 4 hours.

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*Please Note: It is difficult to know which breeder is trustworthy when you are in another country. But fortunately there are reputable associations that can guarantee the quality of breeders who are members of their association. These can be mentioned as Japan Kennel Club – JKC, The Kennel Club of Japan – KC or Nihonken Hozonkai – 日保 and many other associations (JABC, JCC, ICC, CPRO, JCU, KCP, ACC, CCJ, KCC, NMSA, WCA, JMSA, ZCC). Dogs and Cats sold by breeders belonging to these associations are always accompanied by a pedigree certificate.

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Golden Retriever

Bred as a powerful retriever for long-distance work, the Golden Retriever is used by hunters and in field trials. It is also used as a guide dog and kept as a gregarious pet. Responsive and eventempered, this dog’s main aim in life is to please. Its friendly nature means it does not make a good guard dog.

The Breed History

Golden Retrievers are perennial favorites as companion animal dogs, but their origins were in the hunt fields of the British Isles. The hunt was a popular sport, especially fowling. The genealogy of
the Golden Retriever breed is thought to include Newfoundland dogs, Tweed Water Spaniels (and other spaniels), Flat-coated Retriever, Bloodhound and Irish Setters. These dogs were first brought to North America in the 1890s. First AKC Golden Retriever breed registration occurred in 1925.

Physical Characteristics

Height at Withers:
Female 21.5-22.5” (54.5-57 cm)
Male 23-24” (58.5-61 cm).

Females 55-65 lb (25-29.5 kg)
Males 65-75 lb (29.5-34 kg).

Coat: The double coat has a very high hair density, repels water effectively and some feathering of underbody, forelimbs, and back of thigh/underside of the tail is present. The standard color is gold, but this color exists in a spectrum from light-dark-medium-dark, with the latter preferred. Red is not accepted. Some waviness is accepted.

Longevity: 10-15 years

Recognized Behavior Issues and Traits

Reported breed characteristics include: Eager, alert, friendly, trustworthy; this breed is known for the ability to tolerate other pets and children. Needs lots of exercise, easy to train, relaxed,
responsive, and they rarely bite because of their waterfowl handling instincts. They have a moderate shedding tendency, and moderate grooming needs. They possess very high trainability; a
real willingness to please. Though they may alarm bark, they are not considered watchdogs. Goldens need close human contact, and are not good as kenneled dogs. They need plenty of mental stimulation and play to keep them happy.

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