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Some FAQs about Standard Poodle​

Poodles are generally great family dogs and are friendly and accepting of animals in the house. They’re gentle and polite with kids, but because of their hypersensitive nature they can be easily overwhelmed by small, loud children and will need time to decompress.

The Standard Poodle is one of the most obedient and smartest dogs, which combines a playful enthusiasm and an adventurous spirit. Preserving its love for hunting, it is fond of swimming, running, and retrieving. Although it is shy with strangers, it gets along with familiar people and is very good with children.

In fact, Poodles like to cuddle and bond with their owners so much that it can work against them (and your home), as Poodles have a predisposition for getting separation anxiety.

According to the American Kennel Club Official Poodle Standards, an adult male Poodle is 27 to 30 kg while an adult female Poodle weighs between 18 and 22 kg. By these standards, full-grown Poodles will be over 40 cm tall when measuring from the ground to the highest point of their shoulders while standing.

They will often bond with one person and not the entire family. They will love the family, but they will choose one family member they prefer. They can be more sensitive to stress and are more empathetic. Because of this empathetic bond, some poodles have been trained as service dogs.

While poodles don’t make good guard dogs, they can be excellent watchdogs. Unlike guard dogs, watchdogs don’t need to be as aggressive, and that lifts the expectation that the poodle protects you from danger.

Poodles aren’t aggressive, but they tend to assert dominance over other people and other animals. A standard poodle is known to be gentler to people than a toy or mini poodle, so they’ll make an excellent choice for families with young children. Poodles will only act aggressively if they feel threatened.

A Standard Poodle’s lifespan is around 12 years. Some dogs may pass away as young as 10 years old, while others may live to be 13 or even 14 years. 

Yes, they are. Even though they are bigger than their Toy, Medium, and Miniature versions, Standard Poodles are strongly affectionate with their owners, too, so they can’t stay more than 8-9 hours alone. Standard Poodle’s temperament is adventurous and playful.

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*Please Note: It is difficult to know which breeder is trustworthy when you are in another country. But fortunately there are reputable associations that can guarantee the quality of breeders who are members of their association. These can be mentioned as Japan Kennel Club – JKC, The Kennel Club of Japan – KC or Nihonken Hozonkai – 日保 and many other associations (JABC, JCC, ICC, CPRO, JCU, KCP, ACC, CCJ, KCC, NMSA, WCA, JMSA, ZCC). Dogs and Cats sold by breeders belonging to these associations are always accompanied by a pedigree certificate.

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Bred down from the Standard Poodle are three other sizes of Poodle: toy, miniature, and medium (although the medium is not recognized by some kennel clubs). The smaller varieties have always been companion dogs, and were popular in the French court between the reign of Louis XIV and Louis XVI. An elegant dog, the Poodle is energetic, playful, affectionate, and eager to please. It is also very adaptable, equally at home in the city or the countryside. The dog’s non-shedding coat makes it popular with allergy sufferers, although it does need regular brushing and clipping.

The Breed History 

“Poodle” likely derives from Pudel, a German term describing one who plays and splashes in water or puddles. The exact lines of genetic origin are obscured, but ancient breeds such as the Irish water spaniel, Rough haired water dog and others contribute to the type, and perhaps the first of the smaller types of poodles originated by crosses with terrier type for use in truffle hunting. German history records poodle type dogs in the 15th century. The toy version of poodle first widely entered the history record in the 18th century. Very early records in the Mediterranean place poodle type dogs in the first century. Though often referred to as the French poodle, the breed is not though to have originated there. AKC recognition occurred in 1887.

Physical Characteristics

All three types share the same breed standard, only the size and weight varies between the three.

Toy Height at Withers:
Female up to 10” (25.4 cm)
Male up to 10” (25.4 cm)

Females 6-9 lb (2.5-4 kg)
Males 6-9 lb (2.5-4 kg).

Miniature Height at Withers:
Female 10-15” (25.5-38 cm)
Male 10-15” (25.5-38 cm)

Miniature Weight:
Females 15-17 lb (7-8 kg)
Males 15-17 lb (7-8 kg)

Standard Height at Withers:
Female 15 “ (38 cm) or more
Male 15” (38 cm) or more

Standard Weight:
Females 45-60 lb (20-27 kg)
Males 45-70 lb (20-32 kg)

Coat: All solid colors accepted (e.g., apricot, black, gray, silver, blue, café-au-lait, cream) and the coat is dense, wiry and curly. If left unclipped, it tends to form ringlets (cording) and waves. There are specific clips used in show, and their coat is a distinguishing breed feature.

Longevity: 12-15 years. The smaller types may reach 15-17 years on average.

Recognized Behavior Issues and Traits

Extreme intelligence, sociability, and excellent trainability are well known poodle traits. Very lively, they do tend to bark, and need to be socialized to other pets and people or else they can potentially be nippy. They need close human companionship and tend to be aloof with strangers. They are good alarm barkers.The poodles require regular clip and grooming (every 6-8 weeks), and are low shedding and low allergy dogs. They tend to need more frequent dental care. They do well in town or country and need moderate levels of exercise. They are high activity around the house, though the standard poodles are often less active indoors.

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