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We help you buy dogs in Japan

buy a Japan dog

Buying a dog in Japan while sitting at your house has never been easier.

With many years of experience in the field of pet import and export, combined with reliable breeders in Japan. We, along with the company’s pet experts, will help you choose the right pet and deliver it to your hands wherever you are in the world.

Do you like a Shiba, or Japanese Spitz, or Akita dog? Whatever breed you like, we can find it for you, including rare breeds both inside and outside of Japan.

Do you ever wonder “How to buy Japanese Dog and Cat from outside Japan?”, “How much does it cost to buy a Japanese Dog?”, “How to send Dog from Japan to your country?”, or “What documentations are needed when you want to Import or Export your pet into and out of Japan?”.

Don’t worry, we have a guide to buying a Dog in Japan for you. You can see where your money is being spent and can understand how we work. The process from when you have the idea of wanting to adopt a dog to when the dog is in your hands through us will also be presented in easy to understand detail.

Any questions you have about buying and transporting dogs, medical issues, import and export procedures, quarantine, vaccines, microchips… do not hesitate to contact us. Our pet experts accept emails 24 hours and will reply to you within 1 business day.

Welcome to JP-Pets. We look to a bright future of seeing your happy smile next to the dog you’ve always wanted. See you there!

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