JP-Pets | We help you buy dog in Japan

We help you buy dogs in Japan

JP-Pets | We help you buy dog in Japan





100% Dogs Comes From Japan Guaranteed

We understand you came to us because you want to buy a Japanese dog. We guarantee 100% of our dogs are born in Japan and pure Japanese.


100% Dogs Comes With Certified Pedigree

Just saying is not enough, each of our dogs comes with a Pedigree Certificate as a necessity to prove his origin is from Japan.

CONTACT USGo to the Pedigree page

100% Healthy Dogs Guaranteed

All of our dogs are carefully checked for health and fully vaccinated so that they can be delivered to customers in the best health condition.




Dogs, Puppies, Cats & Kittens Introduction

Whichever your preference, we can source both Cats & Dogs.


Airplane Ticket Reservations
( exclusively for Cats & Dogs )

We can reserve airplane tickets for your pets for you to export to your country of choice. ※Please note that we can only reserve your pets ticket not the owners ticket.


Obtaining an import permit

We advise and help all our customers on procedures for obtaining an import permit.


Healthcheck for your pet / Vaccination / Microchip installation

Professional pet support.
We have a range of support professionals dedicated to ensuring your pet’s health and well-being, including a veterinarian, dog trainer and trimmer.


Quarantine Application Issuance Agency

We can proceed with quarantine applications with our veterinarian as your agent.


Quarantine Agency

We can act as your agent for quarantine procedures.

Export Procedures

How do we deliver the pet to your hand? What steps does it include?


About Costs

Want to know what and how much does it cost to buy and ship your pet?



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Can Chan
Can Chan
Thank you JP-Pets team so much. We fall in love with a mixed-breed puppy from a jp pet store. From the time I settled the first payment to receiving my puppy, it only took 15 days. I believe my puppy was well treated. He is really active and healthy.😍
Gnof Kcirtap
Gnof Kcirtap
Absolutely recommended. Just got my sheltie from these guys. Excellent service, made the process very simple and straightforward on my side too. The staff were very responsive. The time for the whole process was also quicker than I expected and I am very satisfied with how they have handled my puppy in the process. Anuy Nay🥹🥹
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Sin Yu Cheung
Sin Yu Cheung
I strongly recommend JP-PETS for those who are considering buying a dog from Japan. They are excellent in terms of... efficiency, service and price. They explained the procedures and fees to me in details during consultation. When I had decided which puppy I wanted, they swiftly obtained the puppy from the breeder for me. They were willing to accommodate when I encountered a technical problem in payment. What I appreciate most is they sent me pictures of my puppy during her stay there. I could tell from the pictures she was well taken care of. As I am from Hong Kong, they arranged a Chinese-speaking staff to answer my questions and handled the flight booking. From the time I settled the payment to receiving my puppy, it took 14 days. Overall I think the price is reasonable, it saves me ~$20k HKD comparing to purchasing a < 3-month Bernese Mountain Dog from local pet shop. (Currency: JPY 100 = HKD 5.9) What’s important is that I have many choices in Japan’s puppy market. Comparatively, Japan’s puppy market has more assurance than Hong Kong’s as they provide health record of the puppy. I would choose them again if I need to in the more
Sukanya San
Sukanya San
I imported a Japanese miniature dachshund with jp pets and they were incredibly knowledgeable, efficient and... professional. They accommodated my special requests wonderfully and saw the whole process through from start to finish to help me acquire my dream dog. I would definitely use them again!read more
Daniel Elkes
Daniel Elkes
Hi,I am writing to let people know what a great experience I had with JP Pets. I will note at the beginning that I am... not associated with the company in any way, I am just genuinely pleased with how well things worked, especially given that I had no prior experience in importing a dog. First of all, I was looking for a Japanese Spitz for my family, but they were extremely hard to find in the United States. It would have been a two year wait potentially. I did a web search and found JP Pets. When I inquired, it turned out they had a Japanese Spitz puppy on hand. They sent videos, and communicated very well so we had a chance to get to know the dog. They understood what they could do, and what was out of their hands, and helpfully recommended that I find an customs broker to help me on my side. Their veterinary exam was thorough and honest, and even caught something that could have been risky but fairly reported it. Communication as I mentioned was strong throughout the experience, and everything went smoothly from the flight to pickup, even in these times when it has been hard to travel. The dog arrived and appeared as discussed, and has been a great addition to our family. I cannot imagine the process going any smoother. JP Pets knows their business well, are honest, treats their animals well and their customer fairly. Feel free to message me if you have any questions about my experience.Sincerely,Dan Elkesread more
Tay Jun Yi
Tay Jun Yi
First time importing from Japan. I'm so happy I found JP Pets on Google!After comparison, I really appreciated... JP-Pets' swift and detailed responses, and decided to go with them.Throughout the process, Hiromura-san has been very friendly and helpful, and willing to go beyond, which really made my import process less stressful.He also helped me to communicate with the breeder for the documents.JP-Pets also kept me informed from when they were picking up my puppy from the breeder, all the way to when they dropped my puppy off at the Animal Quarantine Center to prepare for her flight. Photos, videos, updates, and even a video call 😍 I really can't express enough how thankful I am to have them handle my puppy!Thank you again, Hiromura-san and team! If I have to fly my pet from Japan, I'd definitely go with you guys without any hesitation!read more