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Taiwan Import Regulations

Importing your cat or dog to Taiwan is not that difficult if you know how!
You can read the full article on the official page of the Taiwan government.

Here is a special guide for transporting pets (dogs, cats) from Japan to Taiwan.

Japan is a rabies-free country. So, to import dogs and cats from Japan to Taiwan, the dogs and cats must meet the general requirements below:

1. Implanted with a microchip (Please check with the vet even if you’re sure the pet has a microchip. The chip can move or be destroyed by accident)
2. At least 3-months old and had a rabies shot after reaching the 3-months of age.
3. Up-to-date rabies vaccine, meaning not older than 1-year before import

Next, you must apply for an Import permit at least 20-days before entry at the port of entry (e.g., if you are flying in from Taoyuan, apply at the Taoyuan customs)

There are two ways of applying for an import permit. Either APPLY ONLINE or fill out the application form they provide on their WEBSITE (scroll to the bottom to find it) and send it via post, fax, or email.

List of documents you need for the import permit application:

– Authentication document of the applicant (e.g., Taiwanese ID, ARC, passport)
– Veterinarian signed certificate proof of rabies vaccination. This certificate needs to include the following information: dogs/cats breed, sex, age, microchip number, inoculation date (date of rabies shot, the rabies shot needs to be between 30-365 days before importation to Taiwan)

Note: The import permit can be applied before a flight is booked. Choose a date first that you are most likely to import your pet to Taiwan. If the time frame changes after you have successfully applied for the import permit, you can just send them an email and change the date.

Book a flight. Make sure to call or contact the airline directly. Different airlines have different rules & regulations.

– Some airlines allow pets in the cabin when they are small enough (e.g. KLM, Lufthansa)
– Some airlines only allow pets in cargo (e.g., Eva Air)
– Some airlines don’t allow certain types of pets at all (e.g., Emirates)
– Every airline’s pricing and rules are different. Please make sure to check on their websites or call for any questions.

Get a veterinary certificate issued/stamped by the exporting country. Please use the FORM provided by the Taiwanese government.

When the pet arrives in Taiwan, you will need to submit the following documents to the animal quarantine authority:

Photocopy of the Import Permit
– Original Export Veterinary Certificate
– Photocopy of the bill of lading, airway bill, or customs declaration
– The Taiwanese animal quarantine authority will issue the Import Veterinary Certificate, but only after all the above requirements are met, and the dog/cat gives no cause for suspicion of notifiable animal infectious diseases.

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