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Philippines Import Regulations

To be able to import cats and dogs into the Philippines, no matter which country you come from, you will need to apply for an import permit.

Import permits can be obtained in two ways: by writing a letter-request or by filling out an online form. The import license is only valid for 2 months, so please be aware of this to adjust the time to apply for the appropriate permit.

Sending a letter-request requires information such as:

Name of owner/exporter from the country of origin:
Address of exporter:

and addressed to: The Director Bureau of Animal Industry Visayas Avenue, Quezon City

Please note that: if you import more than 1 dog, you must repeat the details above the same with each dog.

To apply for an import license online, please go to the following link to register.

The required documents when you apply for an import license include:

1. Name, address, BIR-issued ID with TAX Identification Number of the importer.
2. Personal Details of the dog (information should include: Species, Breed, Sex, Color, Age, Name of owner/exporter from the country of origin, Address of exporter)
3. Proof of Microchip Number of the dog.
4. Vaccination and Deworming Records (Original or Certified True Copy) of the dog (front page and inside page with updated vaccination and deworming).
5. Photograph of the dog.
6. Pet Passport if applicable.

You need to make sure the dog and the health certificate are presented at the time of inspection at the quarantine station.

Since dogs were sent to the Philippines from Japan, a rabies-free country, you are not required to vaccinate your dog against rabies. However, the Philippines is a country with rabies, so to ensure the safety of your dog, you should vaccinate your dog against rabies right in Japan.

There are many other little details that you will have to prepare that will not be covered in this official import registration guide.

Please contact us so that we can make your dog’s come from Japan to the Philippines as smooth as possible!

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